Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cloths of Heaven...

I grew up surrounded by ancient mountains, deep lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, moving its might off into forever. 
 It's a place that has inspired painters and poets, provoked passion, joy and sadness.

I now live half a world away from there but I can still close my eyes and feel the very essence of the place - for that at least I'm grateful..


  1. Lovely you picked a picture of Trawane Bay near the lake Isle of Innishfree for your one of your images to explain your lovely sentiments towards Éire. I live on the mountain overlooking this bay and when you are home you must come here, enjoy a good coffee or a cold beer and soak in this beautiful land!

  2. Took the photo the last time I was home - was so beautiful that day . Your view sounds completely idyllic and I'll def take you up on your kind offer David :-)

  3. Hi Sinead, I just joined your blog, I love it! What a gorgeous place you call home, it reminds me so much of where I grew up on the southern North sea coast of Norway. I moved away too and still miss it like crazy...

    1. Hi Tove and big welcome to the blog! Yep I grew up in a magical place :-) hope to see Norway some day too - looks fab in photos!


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